15 formas inteligentes de hacerlo suyo


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Show How You Are Better Than Her


You know you are better than her but he might not know you well enough to see it so, show him through your actions. Show him how you can be caring, smart and confident when need be.

Figure Out What He Needs



Everyone has something that they lack and are looking for in a significant other, this is why he has this too. So use this to your advantage and try finding out what it is so you can see what role you could play in his life.

Don’t Change for Him


No one is perfect: he’s not perfect and you are not perfect. However, it is important to accept yourself and never change yourself for a partner. He should like you for who you are as a person and even if something you like might not be his cup of tea, don’t change girl!

Use Red


This is odd, trust me but it has scientific proof! Red makes everyone seem more attractive and studies prove this. If you think red doesn’t suit you, think again! There is a shade of red for everyone.

Don’t get crazy.


You might think this is obvious but it is easy for anyone to get crazy when they are into someone. However, hide this feeling and don’t get possessive over him because he is not yours just yet!

Understand Him, Don’t Just Fake It!


Make sure that you are not just listening to him but actually paying attention to what he is saying! If you care about him than this should be important to you because you actually want to understand him.

Always Look Good


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You need to be confident around your guy and the best way to do this is to look your best. Obviously, if you feel your best you will also act your best around him! This doesn’t mean to change your appearance but just to feel better!


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